Product Focus: High-Molecular Weight Polyethylene Glycols

Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) are a versatile chemical for formulating in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, from cosmetics to plastics. The properties of PEGs make them useful for enhancing solvency, lubricity, and hygroscopicity. While useful in production processes as mold release agents, lubricants, and anti-static process aids, PEGs are also chemical intermediates in the production of anti-foaming agents, thickeners, and resins. In particular, high-molecular weight PEGs (such as PEG 8000), can be used in agriculture as part of insecticides and herbicides; as a plasticizer, binder, carrier, and lubricant in ceramics; drilling fluid intermediate and ingredient in mining; as a mold release agent for rubber and elastomers; and in formulations for soaps, detergents, and toilet bowl cleaners.

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